2022 | infinite loop | installation
Portugal, Senegal
[Pedro F. Neto, R. Falcão & Paulo Morais]

photos ©Bruno Lopes (Appleton gallery)

Routiers are men of African origin that recurrently drive old vehicles from Southern Europe to West Africa carrying with them spare parts, clothing, money remittances, bicycles, appliances, cosmetics, rice, and personal luggage, that are delivered, traded and/or bartered along the way.

An infinite loop composed of two different tracks of video and one track of sound invites the viewer to dive into the routier universe. Videos and sound have different durations establishing new disjunctive relations at each encounter. 

Used film and sound clips were drawn from the shooting of the documentary film YOON
(2021, CRIM productions).

The collaboration between the authors was initially supported by the “Creative Commissions - Variations on Mobility” (DiSSGeA-U.Padova // Royal Holloway -U.London), in 2019/2020. The final piece was consolidated in an artistic residency at “Oficinas do Convento” (Montemor-o-Novo) in early 2022.

Public Exhibitions:
- Appleton Gallery (Lisboa), 19-26 February 2022
- Festival Cidade  PreOcupada (Montemor-o-Novo), 22-26 June 2022