2020 | 17' | color | 16:9

Withering Refuge is a film-essay that problematises the visual representation and plight of different populations living in Zambia’s Meheba Refugee Settlement and in its mining surroundings. The piece explores the way in which the spaces of refuge are dramatically withering. Extracting and processing ore while extracting and processing humans and non-humans alike is not a simple metaphor.

This film looks at the contingencies and representations of refuge in relation to environmental change as an (in)direct result of extractive operations. It problematises the growing number of enclaves created for those seeking refuge, which in turn, compromise existing ones. It explores the idea of displaced in place, that is, of displacement without moving. Before the movement of people, it is the very place they live in that, due to environmental change, slips away.

Public Screenings (selection) & Awards

- APA Prize 2021 - Best Ethnographic Film (Portuguese Anthropological Association, PT)
- DokumentArt 2021 (Nov, DE)
- Festival Ethnofest 2021 (Nov, GR)
- Outreach Prize by ICS-Universidade Lisboa (2021)
FICA 2021- Feira Internacional de Ciência Oeiras (PT)
- Karawan Fest - Festa del cine itinerante 2021 - (IT)
- Festival Entretodos - São Paulo (BR)
- Riga Pasaules Film Festival 2021 (LV)
-  IASFM Internacional Conference 2021 (Ghana)
- Film Festival Urban Visions. Beyond the Ideal City, Italy 2021 - [2nd prize - competition A-Place / Migrants, refugees and displaced communities]
- AAG Shorts/Film Geographies - AAG Conference 2021 (USA)
- UNHCR/GAIN International Conference on the 70th Anniversary of the UNHCR - 2021 (SA)
- Sjón Int. Anthropological Film Festival 2021 (DK)
- Clermont-Ferrand Short-Film Market 2021 (FR)
- ERN/NEI 2020 - European Researchers Night (PT)
-“Extracting Us” Exhibition and seminar (U.Brighton/ONCA gallery) 2020 (UK)
- POLLEN Conference 2020 (UK)
- EASA Conference 2020 (PT)